Neuroscientific Context

Background Research

Analysis of media item

Criticism of media item


After choosing an original topic a group consensus was made in consideration of the number of groups covering neuroplasticity and the topic of epilepsy was then chosen. The article allowed for a critical review of both the neuroscientiffic context and exploration into the psychosocial impacts of legislation that affects epilepsy sufferers.

Our intention was to res

earch our assigned areas separately and correlate together to create the introduction and general conclusions. There was also strong collaboration within the two subjects of research (neuroscientiffic-Lara and background-Jen) and media (criticism-Daniel and analysis-Anna). Communication and updates of topics, information and sources between these areas was vital to consolidation and diversification.

The analysis of media is based loosely off the reporters’ impression along with reports of the court proceedings. Independent research by each party was conducted through use and analysis of relevant sources to the topic. This ranged from primary research reports, government legislative handbooks, secondary sources, media items and textbooks. The final collaboration was then in editing the wiki page itself through consolidation of referencing and formatting.

Feedback Responses

As a group we have collated the discussion feedback on our draft reports and grouped together the common points.
We have also indicated below each of the comments or comment groups how we have implemented changes based on and around feedback.
Please see the word document: Discussion Points, below.

Group Progress


Richard: Looks good. Make sure to try and generalise to other forms of epilepsy, and discuss the situation here in Australia too.

- go for it