• choose an interesting and appropriate media item
  • provide a good rationale for studying the item.
  • Good media item. Nice to see something other than just a youtube video.
  • Good overview and account of why this is interesting.
Neuroscientific Context
  • identify the key aspects of the media item to explore further
  • provide a concise and up-to-date summary of the relevant areas of neuroscience.
  • show evidence of independent research.
  • There is a lot of good material here.
  • Some logical jumps or information gaps here - the sequencing seems a bit random
  • Some sentences don't make sense - a key word or link or definition is missing: what is: “the anxious form of the serotonin trantroporter gene” or “measured cBF in males during orgasm “?
  • There are some grammatical errors and typos. e.g “Recent studies how found that male testosterone levels increase by approximately 7.8% in males even though they do no consider her attractive. (van der Meij, 2011) “
  • demonstrate an understanding of the intention of the media item
  • identify its likely target audience, and determine whether the information is pitched appropriately
  • critically analyse the extent to which simplifications compromise the veracity of the message
  • discuss whether the item is presented in an unbiased manner
  • Have identified the audience and intent. Not much comment on whether the level is appropriate.
  • The article seems to also have a clear focus on the development of techniques in neuroscience: from Freud, through PET to high-res. EEG which you do not comment on.
  • Not much analysis on the simplifications
  • Some commentary on the timing discussion of the last paragraphs would have been good.
  • demonstrate an ability to use search engines effectively
  • clearly outline the basis for selecting the media item.
  • Layout of the project is good, with navigation links.
  • I like your intro image.
  • Figures should have their source in the legend
  • Good reference list, demonstrates your ability to search relevant literature
  • This project has a lot to commend it. There is a considerable amount of information, covering a diverse range of related topics. There is some effort to address most of the aspects of the task.
  • The major weakness was poor linking, structure and proof-reading. This made some sections incomprehensible.
  • Images and layout were good. There was generally a good level of discussion on the wiki.