• choose an interesting and appropriate media item
  • provide a good rationale for studying the item.
  • Excellent rationale
  • Good summary of item and questions it raises
Neuroscientific Context
  • identify the key aspects of the media item to explore further
  • provide a concise and up-to-date summary of the relevant areas of neuroscience.
  • show evidence of independent research.
  • Very well researched and presented
  • Good use of figures
  • Extensive citation list
  • Pulling the threads together more tightly to delineate what must still be done to establish a mechanism would have been worthwhile
  • demonstrate an understanding of the intention of the media item
  • identify its likely target audience, and determine whether the information is pitched appropriately
  • critically analyse the extent to which simplifications compromise the veracity of the message
  • discuss whether the item is presented in an unbiased manner
  • Good analysis of audience
  • Discussion of the independence and qualifications of Dr Merrel and the Continuum Centre would have been valuable
  • Good consideration of placebo effect
  • Not convinced that the public really worry about mechanisms
  • Good balanced evaluation of item
  • demonstrate an ability to use search engines effectively
  • clearly outline the basis for selecting the media item.
  • Good use of documentation of changes in history pages
  • More search strategy would have been good to demonstrate youe mastery
  • Top quality project
  • Well-researched, well-thought out, well-written
  • A few typos but nothing affecting comprehensibility