• choose an interesting and appropriate media item
  • provide a good rationale for studying the item.
  • Nice start with the science and posig the question juxtaposed with the sensationalist clip
  • More investigation of the significance of these webcasts? - covered in Appendix, but probably better here
Neuroscientific Context
  • identify the key aspects of the media item to explore further
  • provide a concise and up-to-date summary of the relevant areas of neuroscience.
  • show evidence of independent research.
  • Very good scientific background on Lithium
  • Good references, but some are missing from the reference list (e.g. Bruijn; Paton}
  • Sensibly presented: good choice to focus just on lithium
  • demonstrate an understanding of the intention of the media item
  • identify its likely target audience, and determine whether the information is pitched appropriately
  • critically analyse the extent to which simplifications compromise the veracity of the message
  • discuss whether the item is presented in an unbiased manner
  • Excellent analysis
  • Good effort to find something worthwhile in the broadcast
  • Investigating the links and colleagues is very useful
  • There is some overlap between sections that tighter editing could have fixed
  • demonstrate an ability to use search engines effectively
  • clearly outline the basis for selecting the media item.
  • Good contributions from all members
  • Effective use of history comments
  • Good analysis of impact of media item
  • Excellent project
  • Provides a calm and reasoned response to an inflammatory media piece
  • Clear information and cautious conclusions
  • Good use of screen grabs