• choose an interesting and appropriate media item
  • provide a good rationale for studying the item.
  • Good – sets importance by number of cases. Would be good to mention extent of disability and age profile of sufferers
  • The clip is good, offering hope on a terrifying disease
Neuroscientific Context
  • identify the key aspects of the media item to explore further
  • provide a concise and up-to-date summary of the relevant areas of neuroscience.
  • show evidence of independent research.
  • Overall a fairly good background
  • Should have wrapped up with a comparison of Alemtuzumab effectiveness to existing therapies to better tie in with the media item
  • Some strange writing/quoting here: “Clinically Labelled Isolated” should be clinically isolated syndrome.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the intention of the media item
  • identify its likely target audience, and determine whether the information is pitched appropriately
  • critically analyse the extent to which simplifications compromise the veracity of the message
  • discuss whether the item is presented in an unbiased manner
  • You say This video was broadcast more than two years ago, therefore current medical research has excelled since then. The drug mentioned in this video may have been overridden with more advanced and newer technologies which may help to treat Multiple Sclerosis.” In a sense, this represents a golden opportunity to evaluate how reliable/plausible these news stories are, that are always promising the next great cure. More effort to try and measure the promise of this video clip with the current (3 year later) situation would have made a very strong project
  • Good effort at identifying target audience

  • demonstrate an ability to use search engines effectively
  • clearly outline the basis for selecting the media item.
  • Nice font and layout
  • Grammatical problems “It reveals a few of the many symptoms Multiple Sclerosis patients suffer from and introduces a drug found in their latest research. “ - sounds as though the patients are conducting the research.
  • Initial selection stuff is OK
  • More info on how exhaustive your search was for current use of the drug would have been very valuable.
  • A solid effort.
  • I think an opportunity was missed to really evaluate the eventual outcomes of all the good news miracle cure stories
  • Some of the grammar is poor and makes sections hard to follow.