Present: Jess, Tommy, Damoon, and Lehana.
11:38 - Meeting begins.

11:40 - Members introduce themselves to each other.

11:59 - Group searches for a neuroscience article.

12:23 - Tommy finds an article, and we settle on it.

12:26 - Begin dividing up roles.

12:53 - It is agreed that Jess will do the introduction, Lehana will do the appendix, and Tommy and Damoon will do the analysis. The context will be split in half, and two people will work on each half.

13:32 - Facebook group is created. Group will communicate via the Facebook group until the next meeting.

13:38 - Meeting closed.

Present: Jess, Tommy, Damoon, and Lehana.
15:07 - Meeting begins.

15:13 - Group acknowledges critcisms of the project from the reviewers on Wikispaces.

15:23 - Identified main criticisms, and members devise a strategy to deal with them.

15:30 - Tommy and Lehana work on graphical adjustments, Jess reads a few papers to see if she can add anything to her section of the project. Damoon and Lehana work on simplifying their section of the project.

16:20 - Jess looks at the analysis section, Tommy looks at reforming his section, Lehana and Damoon continue making their section easier to read.

17:08 - Group delegates roles to further improve the project.

17:10 - Meeting closed.