Minutes for NEUR2201 Group Online Project Assessment

Members present:
Alexei Brown z3415162
Michelle Qiu- z3416120
Matthew Lippa – z3373725
Neal Bromfield - z3415498

2:12PM: Meeting opened

Alexei had some ideas for the topic – posted these to our Facebook page

Discussed form of media – looking at using an article from a popular science magazine

Decided on article ‘Science in court: Arrested Development’, from
(accessed 20 July, 2013)

Alexei created group document on Facebook page for planning; which group will then upload to the wiki page

Neal suggested some interesting titles that we may consider

Group decided on title ‘Immature Agression’

Matthew typed up the minutes and the work plan

Michelle planned the division of labour for group:

Alexei – focus on hormones and decision making

Division of labour:
Topic: neurotransmitters and logic/decision making and effects
1st person – outlines neurotransmitters we are going to study and physiological affects, receptors and hormones
2nd person - How transmitters act on developing brain (reference hormones, ie relation of neurotransmitters and development)
3rd person – based on how neurotransmitters affect behaviour logic and judgement
4th person – outline why it is important and social implications, tie everything together, report back to first person what neurotransmitters they actually need to cover. This person could be the group leader, get group to report back on progress

Alexei created the wiki page

Matthew and Michelle discussed uploading notes and work plan to wiki page over the weekend once group had finalised roles via the Facebook page.
Neal suggested that we randomly assign each role to each member.

Meeting closed at 3:10PM