Hello everyone!Welcome to our wiki where we will create group projects that analyse a media item related to neuroscience.
You are required to find an interesting item, analyse the neuroscience presented, and also analyse the intent and effectiveness of the media item. This is a great chance to explore some area of neuroscience that has always intrigued you or a neuroscience myth that has annoyed you.

Getting Started....

Form groups using the instructions on this page. You must get you page with names and link up by Monday August 12 at 10 am.us
Dr Vickery will go through all the pages and approve them by Friday August 16, 5pm

What to do....

Full requirements for the Project are available here.


The project has several stages.
1. You must form your group, and submit your topic and work plan in the wiki by Monday, August 12 at 10 am.
Dr Vickery will review these and give you feedback by Friday August 16, 5pm.
2. You must have a draft of the project ready by Monday, September 9 at 10 am.
3. You must provide review comments on your allocated project by Monday, September 16 at 10 am.
4. The final project must be submitted by Monday, September 23 at 10 am.


Remember to put your names and student numbers at the top of the front page of your wiki entry.

The group pages come off headings in the sidebar....
...you can do this by clicking on "edit navigation" that you will find in tiny tiny font at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
You can decide if you want all your info on one page or have several pages chained together. However just put the link to your "top" page into the navigation bar. Give it a name related to the topic you are presenting, not just "Group 7". Also make sure that your sub-pages have a name related to your group, rather than just "Introduction", because these files are all stored in one location.

Attribution of sources

You need to properly attribute your sources. You are probably familiar with how to do this for scientific sources, and the NEUR2201 course manual has a page on this. For this wiki you also need to attribute the source of any figure that is displayed. In general if you didn't make the figure, it is probably safer to link to the figure on its homepage, rather than download it and put it onto wikispaces. We are allowed some fair use of material for academic purposes, but attribution is always required.

Document your work!

A requirement of this project is that all group members make a good contribution to the work.
The minimum level of participation is:
  • editing the wiki on at least two occasions
  • editing the wiki over more than a one week period
  • commenting on your editing activities in the history page of the wiki
    (when you save changes you should document why you made the changes)
  • contributing to the discussion of the topic on the wiki discussion pages
To comment what you have changed and why, make sure that when you save the page after editing- USE THE DROP DOWN BUTTON at SAVE and choose the "SAVE WITH COMMENT OPTION", so that everyone can track what has been changed and why.

Examples from last year

You can see last year's pages in the menu at left.